Purpose of experiment

The purpose of the experiment is to demonstrate the principles of reactor kinetics at low power levels and in the operating power level range by inducing step reactivity changes. The reactor power response to reactivity changes is analysed with the aid of a digital reactivity meter and simple theoretical kinetics models.

Outcome / What you will learn
Students will:

  1. observe and understand the reactor power and period response to a sudden reactivity change at zero power and in operating power level range
  2. experimentally determine the point of adding heat (POAH)
  3. experimentally verify the physical models describing the reactor kinetics by observing the reactor response to step reactivity changes.

After an initial discussion, students observe the reactor power and asymptotic period response to sudden (step) reactivity change in different power ranges: in the low (zero) power range and in the operating power range. The dependence of the reactor period vs the magnitude of the reactivity is measured and compared with theoretical predictions. The point of adding heat (POAH) of the reactor is determined experimentally.

Exercise No. 2: Reactor response to step reactivity changes