Članki o reaktorju TRIGA Mark II Ljubljana

year author title e-link
1966 Gabrovsek,Bernot,Klopcic Measurements during operation of the TRIGA reactor link
1966 Zerdin,Gabrovsek,Klinc,Solinc Measurements of thermal and fast neutron fluxes at the TRIGA reactor link
1970 Dimic,Najzer Report on research programmes at the TRIGA Mark II Ljubljana link
1970 Gabrovsek,Dimic,Najzer Operation, maintenance and utilization of 250kW TRIGA Mark II reactor at the IJS link
1970 Gabrovsek,Najzer,Solinc Reconstruction of the TRIGA bulk-shielding experimental tank at the JSI link
1971 Dimic,Petkovsek Construction and performance of liquid methane cold source link
1971 Najzer,Rant,Solinc Fission-spectrum-averaged neutron cross-sections for some threshold detectors  
1972 Byrne Neutron activation analysis using TRIGA link
1972 Dimic,Gabrovsek Operation maintenance and utilization of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor link
1972 Dimic,Kristof,Rant Current researchwork carried out at the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor link
1972 Divjak,Krajnik,Tasic Computer aided control of the nuclear reactor TRIGA Mark II link
1972 Rant,Copic,Dimic,Ilic,Sirca Neutronography and microneutronography and their applications link
1974 Copic,Dimic,Ilic,Lipic,Rant Experience with TRIGA aluminum-clad fuel elements link
1974 Dimic,Mavko Operation and maintenance of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor at JSI link
1974 Najzer,Byrne,Dimic,Mavko,Pregl,Rant Recent research programs at the TRIGA Mark II reactor in Ljubljana link
1976 Dimic Operation and maintenance of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor at the Ljubljana link
1976 Illic,Najzer,Rant Determination of microdistribution of boron in metals link
1976 Najzer Current research work carried out at the TRIGA Mark II reactor in Ljubljana link
1976 Pregl,Najzer Training courses for the staff of the nuclear power station link
1978 Acquah Measurement of np-in integral cross section ratio in uranium fission spectrum link
1978 Byrne,Dermelj,Kosta,Ravkin,Stegnar Research work with TRIGA Mark II at the nuclear chemistry section of the JSI link
1978 Copic,Valantic Digital reactivity meter link
1978 Dimic,Mrcun Operation and maintenance of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor at the JSI link
1978 Ilic,Najzer,Podgornik Estimation of the smallest detail discernible in track-etch auto-radiograph link
1978 Kristan,Udovc,Kobal,Jerancic,Zavrtanik Radiation protection measurments around the TRIGA reactor of the JSI link
1978 Mavok Power spectra of stochastic signals in reactor TRIGA link
1978 Najzer,Dimic Current research work at the TRIGA reactor in Ljubljana link
1978 Tomsic,Taves,Mrcun,Kavsek,Znidaric Improvements to the TRIGA Mark II instrumentation and the direct digital control by microprocessors link
1980 Dahlborg,Dimic,Rupprecht Study on the Hydration of oriented DNA by the neutron scattering technique link
1980 Dimic Operation and maintenance of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor at the JSI link
1982 Dimic Operation and maintenance of the 250kW TRIGA Mark II reactor at the JSI link
1984 Dimic,Grgic Operation and Maintenance of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II Reactor at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana link
1984 Mele,Ravnik,Trkov,Dimic Reactor calculations of multi-core TRIGA reactor core link
1986 Dimic Twenty years of operation of Ljubljana’s TRIGA Mark II reactor link
1988 Dimic,Dusic,Kozuh,Vojnovic Probabilistic safety assessment of the research reactor-TRIGA Mark II link
1988 Dimic,Pregl,Pucelj Maintenance of the TRIGA Mark II reactor in Ljubljana and disposal of radioactive waste link
1988 Glumac Use of a digital reactivity meter on TRIGA reactor for instrumentation and training purposes link
1988 Jovanovic,Smodis,Jacimovic,Vukotic,Stegnar Neutron flux characteristion of the TRIGA Mark II reactor link
1988 Mele,Ravnik Analysis of TRIGA application for irradiation of power reactor pressure vessel specimens link
1988 Smodis,Jovanovic,Vukotic,Jacimovic,Stegnar The use of TRIGA reactor in the k0 method of neutron activation analysis link
1988 Vojnovic,Dusic Verjetnostna varnostna analiza raziskovalnega reaktorja link
1990 Mavko,Kozuh,Vojnovic Operation experience database of TRIGA Mark II reactor for PSA use  
1991 Fajgelj,Lakoski,Horvat,et al. Chromosome aberrations induced in human lymphocytes link
1992 Jordan,Mavko,Kozuh Data base formation for important components of reactor TRIGA Mark II link
1992 Rant,Ravnik,Mele,Dimic Measurements of neutron flux distributions in the core of the Ljubljana TRIGA Mark II reactor link
1993 Mele,Ravnik,Trkov TRIGA Mark II benchmark experiment part I-steady state operation link
1993 Mele,Ravnik,Trkov TRIGA Mark II benchmark experiment part II-pulse operation link
1993 Mele A computer program for calculating natural convection flow parameters in TRIGA core link
1993 Ravnik,Wimmer,Trkov,Bock,Mele Burn-up measurements at TRIGA fuel elements containing strong burnable poison link
1994 Dimic,Glumac,Kavsek,et al. Renewal and Upgrading of the TRIGA Mark II link
1994 Jordan,Kozuh,Mavko The evaluation of research reactor TRIGA Mark II safety link
1994 Kristof,Ilic,Skvarc,Dijanosic Calibration of Thermal Neutron Detection Compound BN-1 & CR-39 in the Exposure Room link
1994 Smodis,Benedik,et al. Status of NAA in Siovenia-Achivements and applications link
1994 Smodis,Jacimovic Estimating errors in the experimental determination of neutron fluence spectra link
1995 Ilic,Kristof,Dijanosic,Skvarc,Dobnikar Thermal neutron dosimetry using electrochemically etched CR39 detector link
1995 Korun,Martincic Activity calculation for voluminous samples in the presence of coincidence summing effects link
1995 Miljanic,Miljanic,Kristof,Ilic Towards a chemical dosimetry system for boron neutron capture therapy link
1995 Ravnik,Glumac Triga spent fuel storage criticality analysis link
1995 Smodis,Jacimovic,Stropnik,Gros Trace element air pollution monitoring studies in Si using nuclear analytical techniques link
1995 Trkov,Ravnik,Wimmer,Glumac,Bock Application of the rod-insertion method for control rod worth measurements link
1995 Trkov,Ravnik The neutron flux redistribution effects on the power level reading from the nuclear detectors link
1995 Zefran,Kavsek,Ravnik Pulse Parameters measurements at TRIGA reactor in Ljubljana link
1996 Dimic Utilization of the 250 kW TRIGA Mark II reactor in Ljubljana-thirty years of experiences link
1996 Glumac,Ravnik,Logar Criticality safety assessment of a TRIGA reactor spent fuel pool under accident conditions link
1996 Guevara,Horvat Stability and behaviour of low level spiked inorganic mercury in natural water samples link
1996 Logar,Glumac Some aspects of criticality safety of TRIGA reactor spent fuel pool link
1996 Maucec,Glumac,Jeraj Development of irradiation facility for BNCT treatment of tumors at the IJS link
1997 Byrne,Dermelj An endogenous standard, radioisotopic ratio method in NAA link
1997 Dermelj,Byrne Simultaneous analysis of iodine, uranium and mercury in biological and environmental samples link
1997 Fajgelj,Horvat,Skrk Chromosome aberrations induced in human lymphocytes by fission neutrons link
1997 Kristof,Ilic,Humar,Skvarc Determination of fast neutron doses for calibration purposes of TRIGA Ljubljana link
1997 Ravnik Experimental verification of adiabatic Fuchs-Hansen pulse model link
1997 Vertacnik,Barisic,Musani,Prohic,Juracic Exchangeable fraction of elements in alluvial sediments under waste disposal site link
1998 Cindro,Kramberger,Mikuz,Zontar Bias-dependent annealing of radiation damage in neutron-irradiated silicon diodes link
1998 Dermelj Multielemental analysis of reference material by NAA  
1998 Kristof Characterization of neutron flux in the exposure channel F19 of the TRIGA Lj link
1998 Logar,Glumac,Maucec TRIGA reactor spent fuel pool under severe earthquake conditions link
1998 Maucec Conceptual design of epithermal neutron beam for BNCT link
1998 Palmieri,Borer,Janos,Via,Casagrande Evidence for charge collection recovery in heavily irradiated silicon detectors link
1998 Persic,Ravnik,Zagar Burn-up TRIGA Mark II benchmark experiment link
1999 Benedik,Pintar,Byrne The leachability of some natural and man-made radionuclides on acid attack link
1999 Byrne,Benedik Applications of neutron activation analysis in determination of natural and man-made radionuclides link
1999 Dezillie,Eremin,Li Defect analysis of silicon detectors made of different materials for radiation hardness link
1999 Dimic Utilization and operating experience of the TRIGA Mark II research reactor in Ljubljana link
1999 Filges,Ellinger,Knorr,et al. Neutron measurements at TRIGA reactor for core inventory verification link
1999 Izerrouken,Skvarc,Ilic Low energy alpha particle spectroscopy using CR-39 detector link
1999 Jeraj,Persic,Zagar,Ravnik Sensitivity studies of the TRIGA benchmark critical experiment link
1999 Kristof Fast neutron fluence monitoring in the exposure channel F19 of TRIGA reactor in Ljubljana link
1999 Lazaru,Ilic,Skvarc,Kristof,Stafilov Neutron induced autoradiography of some minerals from the Allchar mine link
1999 Maucec Design of epithermal neutron beam for clinical BNCT treatment at TRIGA reactor link
1999 Mikuz,Cindro,Kramberger,Zontar Early stage of reverse annealing and projections for LHC experiments link
1999 Moll,Fretwurst,Lindstrom Leakage current of hadron irradiated silicon detectors-material dependence link
1999 Nemec,Jeraj Calibration of quantitative neutron radiography method for moisture measurement link
1999 Nemec,Rant,Apih,Glumac Study of building materials impregnation processes by quasi-ral-time neutron radiography link
1999 Persic,Ravnik,Zagar TRIGA criticality experiment for testing burn-up calculations link
1999 Rant,Balasko,Kristof,Stade TRIGA criticality experiment for testing burn-up calculations link
1999 Ravnik,Zagar,Persic Fuel element burnup determination in mixed TRIGA core using reactor calculations link
1999 Ruzin,Casse,Glaser,Lemeilleur Studies of radiation hardness of oxygen enriched silicon detectors link
1999 Ruzin,Casse,Glaser,et al. Radiation hardness of silicon detectors manufactured on epitaxial material link
1999 Skvarc,Ilic,Yanagie,et al. Selective radiography with etched track detectors link
1999 Zagar,Persic,Jeraj,Ravnik Simulation of the TRIGA Mark II benchmark experiment with burned fuel link
1999 Zagar,Ravnik,Persic Analysis of TRIGA reactor thermal power calibration method link
1999 Zagar,Ravnik,Persic Determination of the fuel element burn-up formixed TRIGA core by measurement and calculation link
1999 Zontar,Cindro,Kramberger,Mikuz Time developement and flux dependence of neutron-irradiation link
2000 Borer,Janos,Palmieri,et al. Charge collection efficiency of irradiated silicon detector link
2000 Cindro,Kramberger,Mikuz,Tadel,Zontar Bias-dependent radiation damage in high-resistivity silicon diodes irradiated link
2000 Cindro,Kramberger,et al. Readout of strip detectors with fast analogue electronics link
2000 Cindro,Mikuz,Zavrtanik,et al. Cryogenic operation of silicon detectors link
2000 Cindro,Mikuz,Zavrtanik,et al. Radiation hard position-sensitive cryogenic silicon detectors the Lazarus effect link
2000 Drevet,Thi,Camel,Billia,Dupouy Solidification of aluminium-lithium alloys near the cell transition link
2000 Jeraj,Ravnik,Zagar,Persic,Dean TRIGA Mark II reactor benchmark link
2000 Kristof Neutron flux in the exposure room of the TRIGA reactor in Ljubljana link
2000 Logar,Jeraj,Glumac The influence of pitch, burnup and absorber rods on the spent fuel pool criticality link
2000 MacEvoy,Hall Defect kinetics in novel detector materials link
2000 Mahout,Charlton,et al. Irradiation studies of multimode optical fibres for use in ATLAS link
2000 Militaru,Borrello,Bozzi,et al. Study of edge effects in the breakdown process of protons on n-bulk silicon diodes link
2000 Persic,Ravnik,Zagar TRIGA Mark II criticality benchmark experiment with burned fuel link
2000 Ruzin,Casse,Glaser,et al. Radiation effects in silicon detector link
2000 Ruzin Recent results from the RD-48 collaboration link
2000 Zagar,Ravnik Fuel element burnup determination in HEU-LEU mixed TRIGA research reactor core link
2001 Borer,Janos,Li,et al. Charge collection efficiency of an irradiated cryogenic double-p silicon detector link
2001 Bozic,Zagar,Ravnik Calculation of neutron fluxes in biological shield of the TRIGA reactor link
2001 Bulog,Mihajl,Jeran,Toman Trace element concentrations in the tissues of Proteus Anguinus link
2001 Casagrande,Abreu,Bell,et al. Review on the development of cryogenic silicon detectors link
2001 Jeraj,Zagar,Ravnik,Glumac Monte carlo characterization of irradiation facilities in the triga reactor core link
2001 Jeraj,Zagar,Ravnik Monte Carlo simulation of the TRIGA Mark II benchmark experiment with burned fuel link
2001 Kristof Setting of the apparatus for irradiationof samples with fast neutrons in the exposure room of TRIGA reactor link
2001 Lengar,Skvarc,Ilic Fast neutron detection with coincidence counting of recoil tracks in CR-39 link
2001 Logar,Jeraj,Glumac Criticality of a spent fuel pool filled with burned flip fuel link
2001 Mikuz,Cindro,Kramberger,Zontar Bias dependence and bistability of radiation defects in silicon link
2001 Rossa,Gschwendtner,Placidi,et al. Fast polycrystalline-CdTe detectors for LHC luminosity measurements link
2001 Smodis,Byrne,Jacimovic The validation of Kayzero-assisted NAA via analysis of materials link
2001 White,Dowell,Mahout,et al. Radiation hardness studies of the front-end ASICs link
2001 Zagar,Ravnik,Bozic Neutron activation measurements in research reactor concrete shield link
2002 Benedik,Repinc,Byrne,Stegnar Trace determination of uranium and thorium in biological samples link
2002 Bozic,Zagar,Ravnik Calculation of isotopic composition during irradiation in biological shield of TRIGA link
2002 Dalle,Jeraj Validation of the monteburns code for criticality calculations of TRIGA reactors link
2002 Dimic Utilization and operating experience of the 250kW TRIGA research reactor in Ljubljana link
2002 Jacimovic,Benedik,Smodis,Stegnar The application of the k0-standardization method at the JSI reactor link
2002 Jacimovic,Lazaru,Mihajlovic,Ilic,Stafilov Determination of major and trace elements in some minerals link
2002 Jacimovic,Maucec,Trkov Verification of monte carlo calculations of the neutron flux link
2002 Jeraj,Zagar,Ravnik MCNP-WIMS monte carlo burnup simulations applied to TRIGA reactor link
2002 Kozlowski,Kaminski,Orlowska High-resolution photoinduced transient spectroscopy of neutron irradiated bulk silicon link
2002 Kramberger,Cindro,Mandic,Mikuz,Zavrtanik Determination of effective trapping times in irradiated silicon link
2002 Kramberger,Cindro,Mandic,Mikuz,Zavrtanik Effective trapping time of electrons and holes in different silicon materials link
2002 Kreft,Stibilj,Trkov Iodine and selenium contents in pumpkin oil and oil-cake link
2002 Logar,Jeraj,Glumac The effect of pitch burnup and absorbers on a TRIGA spent-fuel pool criticality safety  
2002 Moll,Fretwurst,Kuhnke,Lindstrom Relation between microscopic defects and macroscopic changes in silicon detector link
2002 Niinikoski,Abreu,Bell,et al. Radiation hardness of cryogenic silicon detectors link
2002 Sansone,Belli,Fernandez,et al. Testing scandium method to quantify sespended particles link
2002 Sansone,Belli,Jeran,et al. Suspended particle adhesion on aquatic plant surface link
2002 Zagar,Ravnik,Bozic Activation of TRIGA Mark II research reactor concrete shield link
2002 Zagar,Ravnik,Trkov Isothermal temperature reactivity coefficient measurement in TRIGA reactor link
2002 Zagar,Ravnik Determination of long-lived neutron activation products in reactor shielding concrete samples link
2003 Bodmann,Gob,Holm LET effects of neutron irradiated plastic scintillators link
2003 Candelori,Rando,Bisello,et al. New evidence of dominant processing effects in standard and oxygenated silicon diodes link
2003 Dannheim,Kotz,Coldewey,et al. Design and tests of the silicon sensors for the ZEUS micro vertex detector link
2003 Dawson,Moraes,Buttae,Cindro,Mandic Radioactivation of silicon tracker modules link
2003 Dobrovoljc,Falnoga,Bulog,Tusek,Scancar Hepatic metallothioneins in two neotenic salamanders link
2003 Hanzic,Ilic Relationship between liquid sorptivity and capillarity in concrete link
2003 Izerroukena,Skvarc,Ilic A wide energy range personnel neutron dosimeter link
2003 Jacimovic,Maucec,Trkov Verification of monte carlo calculations of the neutron flux in typical irradiation channels link
2003 Jacimovic,Smodis,Bucar,Stegnar k0-NAA quality assessment by analysis of different certified reference materials link
2003 Jacimovic,Stibilj,Benedik,Smodis Characterization of the neutron flux gradients in typical irradiation channels link
2003 Jacimovic,Trkov,Stegnar Temporal variation of the neutron flux in the carousel facility of TRIGA reactor link
2003 Kramberger,Cindro,Mandic,Mikuz,Zavrtanik Field engineering by continuous hole injection in silicon detectors irradiated with neutrons link
2003 Lacasta Design optimisation of silicon microstrip detector modules link
2003 Lesar,Zagar,Ravnik Estimation of waste volumes after TRIGA reactor dismantling link
2003 Necemer,Kump,Rajcevic,et al. Determination of sulfur and chlorine in fodder link
2003 Rando,Candelori,Bisello,et al. Silicon diode radiation hardening for physics detectors link
2003 Ravnik,Jeraj Research reactor benchmarks  
2003 Smodis,Trkov,Jacimovic Effects of the neutron spectrum for 94Zr and 96Zr link
2003 Stepinsek,Pucelj,Vidmar,Vencelj Analysis of the dose-rate time development after pulse generation in a TRIGA reactor link
2003 Zagar,Ravnik,Boeck Comparison of long-lived activation in concrete samples from 3 different reactors link
2004 Jacimovic,Horvat Determination of total mercury in environmental and biological samples link
2004 Jacimovic,Smodis,Byrne Instrumental neutron activation analysis of samples using k0 method link
2004 Key,Cindro,Lozano On the radiation tolerance of SU-8, a new material for gaseous microstructure radiation detector link
2004 Mandic,Cindro,Kramberger,et al. Radiation damage in Bipolar transistors caused by thermal neutrons link
2004 Mandic,Cindro,Kramberger,Mikuz,Zavrtanik Charge-collection efficiency of heavily irradiated silicon diodes link
2004 Petrovic,Ravnik Physical model of reactor pulse link
2004 Repinc,Benedik Determination of vanadium in dietary supplements link
2004 Rosamilia,Gaudino,Sansone,et al. Uranium isotopes, metals in lichens in BIH link
2004 Zagar,Bozic,Ravnik Long-lived activation products in TRIGA Mark II research reactor concrete shield- calculation and experiment link
2004 Zhang,Chen,Horvat,et al. Element content and element correlations in Chinese human liver link
2005 Campabadal,Fleta,Key,et al. Design and perfomance of the ABCD3TA ASIC for readout of silicon strip detectors link
2005 Cindro,et al. Effect of heavy proton and neutron irradiations on epitaxial 4H-SiC Schottky diodes link
2005 Cindro,Kramberger,Mandic,et al. Irradiation studies for the ATLAS inner detector opto-electronic readout system for SLHC link
2005 Osterc,Stibilj Measurement uncertainty of iodine determination in radiochemical NAA link
2005 Radez,Giacomelli,Ilic Development of etched track detector system for low fluxes of thermal neutrons link
2005 Rant,Milic,Turk,Lengar Neutron radiography as a NDT method in archaeology link
2005 Rant,Miskec,Ucman,Jacimovic,Lengar Inspection of the Roman treasure find by gamma and neutron radiography link
2005 Ravotti,Glaser,et al. Optically stimulated luminescence materials for neutron measurements link
2005 Repinc,Benedik,Stibilj Determination of vanadium in biological and environmental samples link
2005 Repinc,Benedik Simultaneous determination of trace uranium and vanadium in biological samples by neutron analysis link
2005 Safilov,Angelov,Jacimovic,Stibilj Determination of trace elements in Arsenic and Antimony minerals link
2005 Smrkolj,Pograjc,Ribic,Stibilj Selenium content in selected Slovenian foodstuffs link
2005 Stibilj,Smrkolj,Krbavcic Investigation of the declared value of selenium in food supplements by HG-AFS link
2005 Zagar,Ravnik Positive temperature reactivity coefficient of a TRIGA reactor at room temperature link
2006 Badea,Dagan,Broeders Validation of TRIGA reactivity coefficients link
2006 Bucar,Smodis Assessment of the intrinsic uncertainty of the k0-based NAA link
2006 Cindro,et al. Radiation hardness of silicon detectors based on pre-irradiated silicon link
2006 Izgi,Gucer,Jacimovic Determination of selenium in garlic and onion link
2006 Klingenberg,Krasel,et al. Prediction of charge collection efficiency in hadron-irradiated pad link
2006 Kovacevic,Pivac,Jacimovic,et al. Defects induced by irradiation with fast neutrons in germanium link
2006 Kucera,Mizera,Repinc,Smodis Simultaneous low-level determination of iodine and manganese in biological materials link
2006 Makreski,Jovanovski,Gajovic,et al. Minerals Vibrational spectra of some common appearing pyroxenes link
2006 Mrak,Slejkovec,Jeran Extraction of arsenic compounds from lichens link
2006 Osterc,Stos,Stibilj Investigation of iodine in infant starting, special and follow-on formulae link
2006 Rant,Milic,Istenic,et al. Neutron radiography examination of objects belonging to the cultural heritage link
2006 Rant,Skvarc,Ilic,et al. Application of boron-entrapped stealth liposomes to inhibition of growth of tumour cells link
2006 Smodis,Bucar Overall measurement uncertainty of k0-based neutron activation analysis link
2006 Snoj,Ravnik Calculation of Power density with MCNP in TRIGA reactor link
2006 Ullan,Diez,Campabadal,et al. Bias conditions in gamma radiation assurance tests of bipolar technologies link
2006 Zagar,Zefran,Slavic,Snoj,Ravnik TRIGLAV-W for TRIGA reactor core management calculations link
2007 Artuso Silicon sensors implemented on p-type substrates for high radiation resistance application link
2007 Casse,Affolder,Allport Charge collection efficiency measurements for segmented silicon detectors irradiated link
2007 Casse,Allport,Greenall Response to minimum ionising particles of p-type substrate silicon microstrip detectors link
2007 Cindro,Mikuz,Zavrtanik,Mandic,et al. Development of cryogenic Si detectors by CERN RD39 collaboration link
2007 Cindro,et al. 3D detectors at ITC-irst first irradiation studies link
2007 Diez,et al. SiGe bipolar transistors for harsh radiation environments link
2007 Fernandez,Brichard Real-time fibre optic radiation dosimeters for nuclear environment monitoring around thermonuclear reactors link
2007 Fretwurst,Honniger,Kramberger,et al. Radiation damage studies on MCz link
2007 Gaudino,Galas,Belli,et al. The role of different soil sample digestion methods on trace elements analysis link
2007 Grant,Bates,Cunningham,et al. GaN as a radiation hard particle detector link
2007 Guevara,Zizek,Repinc,et al. Novel methodology for the study of mercury methylation link
2007 Honninger,Fretwurst,Lindstrom,et al. DLTS measurements of radiation in detectors link
2007 Jeran,Mrak,Jacimovic,et al. Epiphytic lichens as biomonitors of pollution link
2007 Lozano,Campabadal,Garcia,et al. Ultimate limits for the radiation hardness of silicon strip detectors for sLHC link
2007 Mandic,Cindro,Gorisek,Kramberger,Mikuz Online integrating radiation monitoring system for the ATLAS detector link
2007 Manna,Bassignana,Boscardin,Borrelo Space charge sign inversion investigation in n-type MCz silicon diodes link
2007 Messineo Czochralski silicon sensors Status of development link
2007 Mikuz,Cindro,Cline,et al. Study of polycrystalline and single crystal diamond detectors link
2007 Minano,Escobar,Garcia,Lozano,Rafi Characterization of irradiated detectors fabricated on p-type silicon link
2007 Mrak,Simcic,Pelicon,et al. Use of micro-PIXE in the study of arsenate uptake in lichens link
2007 Pellegrini,Campabadal,Lozano,et al. Characterization of edgeless detectors fabricated by dry etching process link
2007 Rogan,Trkov,Jacimovic,Snoj,Ravnik Analysis of the neutron spectrum for the validation of computational methods link
2007 Ruggiero,Eremin,Noschis Planar edgeless silicon detectors for the TOTEM experiment link
2007 Snoj,Ravnik,Rogan,et al. Long lived activation products in Eurofer link
2007 Snoj,Sentjurc,Crnic,Ravnik,Jeraj Experimental verification of radiation dose in mixed radiation fields link
2007 Snoj,Trkov,Ravnik Testing of cross section libraries for TRIGA criticality benchmark  
2007 Tavcar,Smodis,Benedik Radiological characterization of low- and intermediate-level radioactive wastes link
2007 Ullan,Diez,Campabadal,et al. Radiation hardness evaluation of SiGe HBT technologies link
2007 Verbitskya,Eremin,Li,Harkonen,Bruzzi Concept of double peak electric field distribution in silicon detectors link
2007 Weber,Klingenberg Free charge carriers trapping properties in neutron-irradiated DOFZ silicon pad detectors link
2008 Bounakhla,Embarch,Zahry,Bilal,Kump Capabilities of elemental analysis by EDXRF for geochemistry link
2008 Bucar,Smodis Computer-assisted uncertainty assessment of k0-NAA measurement results link
2008 Fiorini,Osmic,Petrucci,Riedler Test of silicon sensors for a high rate pixel detector for the NA62 experiment link
2008 Jacimovic,Jeran,et al. Estimation of uncertainty arising from different soil sampling devices link
2008 Jacimovic,Makreski,Stibilj,Stafilov Determination of major and trace elements in iron reference materials using k0-NAA link
2008 Junkes,Fretwurst,Pintilie Influences of cluster related defects on silicon detector properties link
2008 Lengar,Snoj,et al. Evaluation of activation characteristics of silicon carbide in a fusion spectrum link
2008 Mavko,Jordan,Kozuh Component and operation experience of reactor TRIGA Mark II link
2008 Menezes,Jacimovic Validation of the k0 IAEA software using SMELS material link
2008 Minano,Balbuena,Garcia,et al. Annealing studies of silicon microstrip detectors irradiated at high neutron fluences link
2008 Mrak,Slejkovec,Jeran,Jacimovic,Kastelec Uptake and biotransformation of arsenate in the lichen Hypogymnia physodes link
2008 Necemer,Kump,Scancar,et al. Application of X-ray fluorescence analytical techniques in phytoremediation link
2008 Osterc,Stibilj 127I and 129I isotopic ratio in marine alga from North Adriatic Sea link
2008 Perk,Zorzi,Barbizzi,et al. The effect of short-range spatial variability on soil sampling uncertainty link
2008 Pestotnik,Korpar,Krizan,Dolenec Cherenkov detector of Sr based on aerogel as radiator link
2008 Petterson,Hurley,Arya,et al. Determination of the charge collection efficiency in neutron irradiated silicon detectors link
2008 Pintilie,Fretwurst,Lindstrom Cluster related hole traps with enchanced-field-emission link
2008 Ravnik,Dimic Triga Mark II Ljubljana – spent fuel transportation link
2008 Ravnik,Dimic Utilization of the TRIGA Mark II research reactor in Ljubljana link
2008 Ravnik,Mele,Trkov,et al. Reactor physics tests of TRIGA Mark II Reactor in Ljubljana link
2008 Repinc,Benedik,Pihlar Determination of cobalt in biological materials by RNAA link
2008 Snoj,Kavcic,Zerovnik,Ravnik Calculation of kinetic parameters of TRIGA reactor link
2008 Snoj,Ravnik,Lengar,et al. Irradiation of fusion reactor materials and bio-dosimeters in JSI link
2008 Snoj,Ravnik,Lengar Visualization of neutron flux and power distributionsin TRIGA reactor as an educational tool link
2008 Snoj,Ravnik Power peakings in mixed TRIGA cores link
2008 Stergarsek,Horvat,Kotnik,et al. The role of flue gas desulphurisation in mercury speciation link
2008 Taseska,Makreski,Stibilj,et al. Determination of trace elements in chalcopyrite by k0.instrumental neutron activation analysis link
2008 Zagar,Ravnik Measurement of neutron activation in concrete samples link
2008 Zizek,Guevara,Horvat Validation of methodology for determination of the mercury in sediments using radiotracers link
2009 Affolder,Allport,Casse Studies of charge collection efficiencies of planar silicon detectors link
2009 Azdejkovic,Elteren,Rozman,et al. Dual purpose laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry link
2009 Bounakhla,Mrabet,Jacimovic,et al. Analysis for toxic elements in Kenitra city foods link
2009 Cindro,Kramberger,Lozano,et al. Radiation damage in p-type silicon irradiated with n and p link
2009 DaVia,Watts The geometrical dependence of radiation hardness in planar and 3D silicon detectors link
2009 Kalendra,Kazukauskas,Vainorius,Vaitkus Influence of irradiation by neutrons on Si rediation detectors link
2009 Kazukauskas,et al. Deep defect level spectra in the neutron irradiated Si ionizing radiation detectors link
2009 Mandic,Cindro,Kramberger,Mikuz Measurement of anomalously high charge collection efficiency link
2009 Pintilie,Lindstroem,Junkes,Fretwurst Radiation-induced point andcluster-related defects link
2009 Stepinsek,Pucelj,Snoj,Ravnik Activity analysis of primary coolant in TRIGA Mark II research reactor link
2009 Ullan,Rice,Mandic,et al. Evaluation of SiGe bipolar technologies for use in an upgradede atlas detector link
2010 Affolder,Allport,Casse Charge collection efficiencies of planar silicon detectors link
2010 Bernardini,Borrello,Fiori,Messinieo CCE measurements on heavily irradiated micro-strip sensors link
2010 Capan,Pivac,Hawkins,et al. Neutron-irradiation-induced defects in germanium link
2010 Corte Towards an international authoritative system for coordination and management of a unique recommended k0-NAA database link
2010 Goessling,Klingenberg,Muenstermann,Wittig Evaluation of the breakdown behaviour of ATLAS silicon pixel sensors link
2010 Hanzic,Kosec,Anzel Capillary absorption in concrete and the Lucas-Washburn equation link
2010 Hartmann Recent advances in the development of semiconductor detectors link
2010 Jacimovic,Trkov,Zerovnik,et al. Validation of calculated self-shielding factors for Rh foils link
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