Purpose of experiment

The purpose of the experiment is familiarization with the construction and operation of compensated boron-lined ionization chambers, which are frequently used as nuclear instrumentation detectors. Basic principle of chamber compensation are explained and demonstrated practically in a mixed neutron and gamma radiation field. Measurements of compensated ionization chamber response linearity are performed at different degrees of compensation.

Outcome / What you will learn
Students will:

  1. learn about the construction and operation of a gamma-compensated ionization chamber
  2. experimentally determine the compensation voltage
  3. test the linearity of chamber response at different degrees of compensation.
  1. The construction and operation of a compensated ionization chamber is discussed.
  2. Chamber compensation is demonstrated in the gamma radiation field in the reactor core at zero power.
  3. The current vs. voltage characteristic is measured at different reactor power levels.
  4. The chamber response linearity vs. reactor power is tested at different degrees of chamber compensation.
Exercise No. 9: In-core neutron flux mapping