RIC main activity is providing reactor operation for research, training and practical applications. RIC workers also co-operate in the projects outside IJS making use of their professional experience to work with radiation (e.g. installation and servicing of industrial sources, Ecological Laboratory with Mobile Unit (ELMU), refuelling inspections in Krsko NPP).


Reactor has been routinely used by the following J. Stefan Institute research groups:
  • PO-0531 Biological and geo-chemical cycles (dr. Milena Horvat)
  • PO-0532 Radiochemistry and radio-ecology (dr. Ljudmila Benedik)
  • PO-014 Experimental physics of basic particles (dr. Marko Mikuž)
Main national research projects:
  • neutron activation analysis
  • environmental studies: determination of heavy metals by activation analysis
  • testing of radiation resistant LED and LED luminaire components in collaboration with domestic industry (DITO d.o.o.)
  • development of radio-chemical analytical methods
  • activation of concrete and other components of radiological shield for planning dismantling and decommissioning of reactors
  • optimization of reactor operation and utilization
  • determination of safety related reactor parameters for safety analysis
  • development of new methods for improving nuclear safety
  • radiation damage in reactor materials
  • research and development in (neutron) dosimetry
  • new experimental methods for research and power reactors
  • use of irradiated fuel elements as strong gamma source
  • seed irradiation for genetic studies in agronomy
Main international research projects:
  • radiation damage in semiconductors for neutron detectors in particle colliders, Collaboration ATLAS, CERN
  • irradiation of high temperature superconductors (magnesium boride), Institute Rudjer Bošković, Zagreb


  • several Ph.D. works
  • practical exercises within the scope of Krško NPP operator training program (in cooperation with IJS Nuclear Training Center, ICJT))
  • practical exercises for graduate and post-graduate students of physics and nuclear engineering (Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ljubljana University)
  • practical exercises as part of international and IAEA training courses
  • on the job training (IAEA trainees)
  • visualization of reactor calculations (3D visualisations)

Practical applications

  • surveillance of refueling in Krško NPP (fuel shuffling, core loading, physical tests)
  • equipment testing and training of team for performing physical tests
  • irradiation, manufacturing and servicing of industrial sealed sources
  • co-operation at radiological interventions and in other activities of the Ecological Laboratory with Mobile Unit (ELMU)